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About The Humber Yawl Club Website
This is NOT the club's "official" site but is a copy or 'clone' of that in development with additional material and these comments added by Trevor Bending who cannot believe we have waited over ten years to get this far and are still waiting. (See technical note suggesting our 'designers' may have ceased to exist at the foot of Trevor's comments page under 'About'!)
  Please read the comments under 'About' above.
  Please note these "Logins" will not function here but will open the club's official site in a new window (close these to continue here). The 'Home' link in the lowest level pages will likewise open the club's official site in a new window but elsewhere it will return to THIS 'Homepage'.
  Note that only the following 13 pages here function in any useful way at present with some content: Home; About: History, Fleet, Trevor's comments; Racing: Fixtures, Regattas; Social: Events; Join; Contact - The committee; Links. Elsewhere you will be directed to the comments page which I hope can help us to move forward rather more rapidly. I may add more material later and may remove certain items (but not the whole 'show' just yet) if asked to do so in writing by the committee.
See also the HYC blog! (includes links to pages from the Club's 'web history' since 1996) and links on the History page under 'About'.

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