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  • An old archived page from March 1998, dug up and put up as an emergency home page in December 2004 pending reconstruction! No other changes apart from this and link to Trevor and Georgi's apartment in Cabanas, Portugal.

  • Sticking the old mug-shot up on the Web brings the mass market, and a whole new meaning, to the term 'Vanity Publishing'.

  • Attaching your C.V. or some explanation of your weird and wonderful ways and peculiar hobbies is also a popular ploy, apparently on the theory that your possible audience may respond more positively to knowing 'who you are'.

  • I'm still trying to work that out for myself, but hobbies include sailing, natural history, faraway places with strange sounding names, and acronymic irony (AI).
Trevor Bending

TREVOR BENDING, MA: Trevor spent 10 years in industry, mainly in Purchasing, including three years with Ford Motor Company, before going into Further and Higher education where he spent eight happy years from which he has still not recovered. This period included post-graduate qualification and two separate years in India, one of these courtesy of the Government of India (ham kuch hindi baat chiit kar sakte haiN). Abandoning a Systems Analysis course in favour of teaching, he has spent fifteen years in teaching or training from middle schools to university, adult and community education, and business language training.

He may be one of those people who hates computers but loves the Internet and tries to know as little about computers as possible whilst currently struggling with a part-time degree in computing. (His first degree and MA, both from York, are in English and General Linguistics, including GPSG and ELT with a PGCE and TEFL).

Humber Information Services is a new venture to explore the exciting potential of the Internet through training, information management and publishing (on and off-line), and published the First, classified, UK Internet Directory in April 1997. (ISBN 0953033309). (Catalogue of our Web Pages)

Pet Hates (political and telecommunications): BT, NI and Milton Friedman

Favourite Management book: Ricardo Semler's 'Maverick'.

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