About this Website

This ten (and a bit) page site (with links to hundreds more, internal and around the world folks!) has been produced by Trevor Bending as an assignment for the course-unit 'Developing Educational Websites' taught by Paul Reeve over a weekend at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, Humberside Campus, in Hull. Paul claims to be married to Diane whose web-page at this address displays at around 36 points in my Netscape for no discernible reason that I can see in the HTML!

(I wonder if it's something to do with downloading from this particular server? Had you noticed that saving an html page from Excel as 'Text only' produces weird and wonderful results in Netscape (automatic black background, coloured text etc.) because of the effect of the ASCII cell formatting characters from Excel?)

This unit is part of a certificate, diploma and MSc course in 'Information and Learning Technologies', but Trevor just popped along for the one weekend.

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